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This is typical of interior cave facies, and caused by cycles of cut and fill. Mud breccias containing human bones, grading upwards to mud containing bear bones, fill an irregular surface cut into basal marls and sands. The lack of bedding and the chaotic abundance of fragile speleothem clasts in the fossiliferous muds suggests that the deposit was originally a subterranean pond facies, and that after emplacement of the human remains, underwent vigorous post-depositional rotation and collapse and brecciation, caused by underlying bedrock dissolution and undermining.

Valladolid was captured from the Moors in the tenth century, being a small village which was then improved by count Pedro Ansúrez in the eleventh century; in Queen Isabella of Castile and King Ferdinand of Aragon were married in the city and by the fifteenth century it was the residence of the kings of Castile and remained the capital of the Kingdom of Spain until , when Philip II.

Attracted by a huge cenote sinkhole , which was the only source of fresh water in the area, the Maya first settled here during the Post-Classic period — A. Also called Zaci, the cenote still exists and is accessible from Calle With sheer rock walls festooned with jungle creepers and swallows skimming the surface of the green water to scoop up insects, the cenote is reminiscent of the much larger Sacred Well at Chichen Itza.

There is a rustic restaurant overlooking the cenote and the view at the full moon is breathtaking. Cenote Zaci — Valladolid, Yucatan, Mexico Photo by bryandkeith The Coming of the Spaniards In , despite fierce resistance from the Maya, Francisco de Montejo El Mozo and his followers overran Zaci, destroyed the temples and founded their own city, laying the streets out around the main square in a grid.

During the Colonial Period, Valladolid was the commercial center of the eastern Yucatan and was dominated by a handful of Spanish families. In , centuries of exploitation and social injustice came to a head and the bloody uprising known as the Caste War exploded in Tepich, a Mayan community to the south, and quickly spread to Valladolid.


On one side of it stands the City Hall , an eclectic building dating from the beginning of the 20th century, crowned by a clock tower. The Museum of Valladolid occupies this complex, exhibiting a collection of furniture, sculptures, paintings and ceramic pieces dated from Prehistoric times to the present. The Teatro Lope de Vega is a theater built in the classical style in and now very run-down.

There has been controversy over whether the city should pay to restore it. The Museum of Contemporary Spanish Art, located in the Patio Herreriano, one of the cloisters of the former Monastery of San Benito, preserves more than paintings and sculptures from the 20th century. The city preserves houses where great historical characters once lived.

Esthetic Internacional Valladolid, Valladolid. 4, likes · 41 talking about this. Clínica estética especializada en la.

Roman aqueduct, Segovia, Spain. An Iberian settlement from about bce, it was captured about 80 bce by the Romans. At the beginning of the 8th century, it was occupied by the Moors , from whom forces of the Christian king Alfonso VI recaptured it in Thereafter the city enjoyed prosperity and a position of some importance in medieval Castile, serving as a royal residence during the reign of Alfonso X the Wise; c.

During the Middle Ages it had a flourishing textile industry. There are two well-differentiated areas in Segovia: The centre of the old town is the Plaza Mayor, site of the 16th-century Gothic cathedral, from which streets lead into the outer suburbs. Crossing the Plaza del Azoguejo, the focal point of traffic, is the Roman-built Segovia aqueduct , popularly known as El Puente, one of the finest and best-preserved examples of its kind.

They are all Romanesque, and all date from the 12th century.

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Etymology Vallisoletum, by Braun and Hogenberg. One line of etymological argument suggests that the modern name “Valladolid” derives from a Celtiberian language expression, Vallis Tolitum “Waters Valley” , due to the confluence of rivers. Another, more generally accepted derivation is from the demonym Vallisoletano, which was, in fact, the Spanish demonym of the city, and means “from sunny valley”. Supporting this are texts from the Middle Ages, which use Vallisoletum, a word which continued to be used as late as the 16th century see painting by Braun and Hogenberg.

It is also popularly called Pucela, a nickname whose origin is not clear, but probably refers to a few knights who accompanied Joan of Arc , known as La Pucelle. Another theory is that Pucela comes from the fact that Puzzeli’s cement was sold there, the only city in Spain that sold it. History ‘A jousting tournament in the main square of Valladolid’, historical ceiling preserved in Prado Museum Remains of Celtiberian and of a Roman camp have been excavated near the city.

The nucleus of the city was originally located in the area of the current San Miguel y el Rosarillo square, and was surrounded by a palisade. Archaeological proofs of the existence of three ancient lines of walls have been found. During the time of Moorish rule in Spain the Christian kings moved the population of this region north into more easily defended areas, and deliberately created a no-mans’ land as a buffer zone against further Moorish conquests.

He built a palace now lost for himself and his wife, countess Eylo, the Collegiate of St. Mary and the La Antigua churches.

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Despite its size, its population is less than three million. It comprises nine Provinces, eight of whose provincial capitals are covered below – the information given is based on visits made in June The ninth capital, which was not visited, is the most easterly, Soria.

Samuel Benchétrit (born 26 June in Champigny-sur-Marne) is a French writer, actor, scenarist and director of Moroccan descent. He had a son with Marie Trintignant.

Servicio Meteorologico Nacional humidity — [10] [11] [12] Source 2: This historic center is roughly equivalent to the original layout of the city when it was founded in , and most of this layout has survived intact to the present day. Anticipating growth, this original layout had very wide streets and plazas for the time, with streets systematically arranged to allow for elongation. The streets are systematically laid out, but not rigidly squared, with most having gentle curves designed into them.

The Mexican federal government lists 1, buildings built from the 16th to the 20th century as having historical value. The buildings encompass the various architectural styles that have been fashionable in Mexico, but nearly all are built of pink cantera stone, which gives the city a unified appearance. Several measures were taken in the 20th century to preserve this part of the city. In , President Carlos Salinas de Gortari issued a decree making the historic center of Morelia a national historic monument.

The largest plaza is the Plaza de Armas, which has been remodeled several times since it was designed in the 16th century. Another statue by Miranda, this one of Jose Maria Morelos y Pavon was placed in the small plaza on the west side of the Cathedral and named the Morelos Plaza. Many years later, this structure would be almost completely destroyed by a fire.

When cathedral status was moved from there to Valladolid in , the city became the civil, religious and cultural capital of the territory. Of the major churches of the early colonial period, only this and the Mexico City Cathedral do not face west, as was customary.

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Dating back to the late 16th century, our beautiful college holds a unique place in the history of the Catholic Church. From its position in the north-west of Spain, it can rightly claim to have once been the centre of the Catholic Church in England.

Merida, and surrounding areas have an extensive Mayan heritage and colonial architecture dating back to the 17th and 18th centuries. Father Diego de Landa—the founder of the convent, burned all of the Indian writings and then later tried to rewrite them from memory. The streets are still cobblestone and horse-drawn carriages and three wheeled taxis are the means of travel and sightseeing and for seeing the nearby pyramid.

If time permits, travel on to Valladolid to continue experiencing indigenous style town life. Leaving early in the morning travel east to the ruins of Chichen Itza. Chichen Itza was established in A. View the Ball Court with its perfect acoustics. Visit the Observatory and the Nunnery in old Chichen. Enjoy refreshments next to the Cenote or sacred well and see if you can throw a stone across it. Continue on to the city of Valladolid, at one time a stronghold of Mayan rebels who fought the Spanish during the caste war of Yucatan, but now known for its Yucatan cuisine and beautiful Huipiles and crafts made by local artisans.

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Professional goalkeeper, Kepa Arrizabalaga currently plays for Spain national team and Valladolid on a loan from Athletic Bilbao. The 23 years old footballer has played for many clubs like Basconia, Bilbao Athletic, Ponferradina, and Athletic Bilbao etc. He belongs to white ethnicity and holds a Spanish nationality.

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Despite his […] Keep Reading Galia Jerome Bougnaud is in the fourth generation of a family of winegrowers from the Cognac region in France. A true vigneron at heart, he is equally comfortable in the vineyards as well as the cellar. The foundation of Galia is a collection of vineyards along the Duero in the provinces of Soria, Burgos and Valladolid.

These are old vineyards ranging in elevation from to close to meters above sea level. Because these scattered plots were chosen for their potential, rather than their geographic proximity, Galia is bottled as a Vino de Mesa. In fact because many of these sites were located outside the borders of established D. They are located just outside the border of Ribera del Duero at an average elevation of meters above sea level.

These are head-pruned, pre-phylloxera vines of Tempranillo with a small amount of Albillo planted on sandy and gravelly soils over limestone bedrock. In Fuentelcesped, in the province of Burgos, Jerome farms a 0. This site is located on a terrace of gravelly sand and limestone at an elevation of meters above sea level. Also in the province of Burgos but in the village of Hontangas, Jerome has two plots of Garnacha planted on sandy gravel at an elevation of meters.

These vines were planted in Nearby is a steep, north-facing, 0. In Segovia, near Cuevas de Provanco, Jerome has 9 plots altogether totaling 1 hectare.

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Sercotel Felipe IV is ready to offer tourists a decent selection of rooms with fine design and a wide range of extra services. It is within walking distance of the railway station and Valladolid’s iconic historical attractions, the interior of the hotel is designed according to traditions of the past. Its guests will have the opportunity to find accommodation in an aristocratic room in coffee, burgundy or blue shades; all the rooms are furnished with exclusive wooden furniture.

Gourmets will surely appreciate Azalea, a Spanish restaurant with a rich menu, and connoisseurs of local wines will like a bar combined with a cozy lounge. Each of its 27 rooms is decorated in elegant beige tones and equipped with designer furniture. Several special luxury suites occupying an area over 40 m2 are prepared for connoisseurs of comfort.

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Castile-León, comunidad autónoma (autonomous community) and historic region of northwestern Spain, encompassing the provincias (provinces) of Valladolid, Burgos, León, Salamanca, Zamora, Palencia, Ávila, Soria, and Segovia. Its capital is the city of Valladolid.

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