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Our Vera3 gives you the same brains and muscle that you get with finest home control systems available on the market. Total Control in One Simple Solution Vera3 has the power, range and expandability to become any kind of smart home system you want, and even many kinds at once. Vera3 has the power, range and expandability to become any kind of smart home system you want, and even many kinds at once. It can be an energy reduction system that cuts your monthly bills, and at the same time a comfort assistant that warms or cools your house to your preferences and habits. Vera3 not only lets you control a world of hundreds of smart devices, but also gives you exceptionally fast wireless Internet throughout your house, for all the browsing and streaming that an active family needs. In fact, Vera3 is powerful and flexible enough to run your small business, as well as the largest homes. Vera3 is smart control and Wi-Fi without compromise. Features The Vera3 is a state-of-the-art smart controller that blends home control and Wi-Fi in a single box. Vera3 is our most powerful smart controller. It easily handles lots of devices, extends over the furthest range, and gives you the most flexibility to connect more gear.

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The Best Indoor HDTV Antenna. Updated September 28, even the antenna that claimed the longest distance still had trouble with stations that were much closer. Why? The earth isn’t flat, and any bumps along the trip that the signal makes from the broadcast tower to your home will impact your reception. it didn’t measure up to the best.

This article is over 2 years old Screenshot of Adult Friend Finder website. Adult Friend Finder Adult dating and pornography site company Friend Finder Networks has been hacked, exposing the private details of more than m accounts and making it one of the largest data breaches ever recorded, according to monitoring firm Leaked Source.

The attack, which took place in October, resulted in email addresses, passwords, dates of last visits, browser information, IP addresses and site membership status across sites run by Friend Finder Networks being exposed. It dwarfs the 33m user accounts compromised in the hack of adultery site Ashley Madison and only the Yahoo attack of was larger with at least m accounts compromised. It also runs live sex camera site Cams.

While a number of these claims proved to be false extortion attempts, we did identify and fix a vulnerability that was related to the ability to access source code through an injection vulnerability. Neither method is considered secure by any stretch of the imagination. Among the leaked account details were 78, US military email addresses, 5, US government email addresses and over 96m Hotmail accounts. The leaked database also included the details of what appear to be almost 16m deleted accounts, according to Leaked Source.

To complicate things further, Penthouse. It is unclear why Friend Finder Networks still had the database containing Penthouse. It is also unclear who perpetrated the hack. This is not the first time Adult Friend Network has been hacked. In May the personal details of almost four million users were leaked by hackers , including their login details, emails, dates of birth, post codes, sexual preferences and whether they were seeking extramarital affairs.

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L and Barrick Gold will leave a void in the London market for investors seeking exposure to gold via companies that produce the precious metal. It intends to list its shares in the new, enlarged company in New York and Toronto. Randgold, listed in London for 21 years, is the second mining company to announce its departure from the British capital’s stock exchange in three months following Vedanta Resources. L “For a London investor in the gold sector, Randgold would be the only real option of a company with a good track record and enough liquidity,” a fund manager at Old Mutual said.

Watch Free HDTV with this Outdoor TV Antenna Bundle Kit. The TV Antenna Bundle Includes the Antenna with built in 36 dB gain amplifier, the motor rotor, J .

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Think inside the box … what can you do with a steel shipping container? Intermodal Shipping Container design marries environmental sustainability with cutting-edge design sensibility. Led by renowned designer Joel Egan, we have created functional space for a variety of uses for municipalities, homeowners and developers for over 14 years. If you come, we will build it.

The owner uses this completely off-the-grid modern cabin to get away from the bustle of farm activity, as well as for guests. Many sustainable concepts have been integrated into this container home, including using recycled containers, decking milled from wind-felled trees, and recycled steel in the foundation.

Fetster is the new BDSM education and social networking site. Whether you are looking to learn, find a mistress, a master, get involved in BDSM dating or join groups, you have come to the right place.

Lynx Professional Grills It’s. Yup, that sums it up – this mouth-watering, budget-busting, jaw-droppingly beautiful backyard set from Lynx Professional Grills has a 42″ grill with access doors, double burner, storage drawers, warming drawer, and beverage area with outdoor refrigerator, ice machine, and coctail pro a bar area with sink and faucet. If you have to ask how much, you simply can’t afford it. People have been writing us because apparently, we missed a lot of cool grills, so in the spirit of catching up, here are a few more awesome BBQ grills: The Ultimate Smoker and Grill.

Trace Arnold designed a true monster of a BBQ grill:

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Illustration by Max Fleishman The new wave of online dating apps is right under your nose. When it comes to hookup apps, two platforms dominate the market for queer men: Launched in , Grindr quickly became the most successful app in the world for men seeking connection with other men—with more than 10 million users worldwide. Meanwhile, the Scruff app boasts 8 million members. I am one of those users. But while these are the most popular options, they are far from the only apps out there.

What sets it apart from the rest? The only problem is that to actually click on their profiles and talk to these alleged hotties, you have to pay for the premium version. Free users have to go fishing in the general pool.

Think inside the box… what can you do with a steel shipping container?

RV Dimensions RV is an acronym that stands for recreational vehicle, which is widely used particularly in North America. Also referred to as a motor home, it boasts of different home and living space features such as a bedroom, a bathroom as well as a kitchen. In bigger models, it comes with a living room. In other countries, this type of vehicle is often called a camper van. There are many other interesting things to find out about it including the different RV dimensions.

The Dimensions of Recreational Vehicles The sizes of RVs vary depending on what type they are made of, the most common of which are fifth-wheel trailers, truck campers and class-A motor homes.

Dec 16,  · Website Title: Adult FriendFinder – The World’s Largest Adult Dating and Hookup Site: Website Description: With millions of members worldwide, Adult FriendFinder is the best dating site to find adult singles and swingers for discreet hookups and casual sex near you.

Most of us have at least a nodding acquaintance with the battery that start our cars, but what about the batteries used in our Recreational Vehicles? Are they the same? Multiple RV batteries may be wired together to make a single power source. These house batteries have different characteristics than the batteries used to start an engine. Motorhomes, of course, have an engine and require an engine starting chassis RV battery, but this is always separate from the house battery system.

The starting chassis battery in a motorhome is the same type as used in a car, though often with a larger CCA Cold Cranking Amps rating because the engine is larger. Choosing the right RV battery is simply a matter of getting enough CCA to do the job and generally that means replacing the battery with another of the same or larger CCA rating, the same as you would do for your car.

Starting batteries are designed to provide a huge amount of power amps in a short burst a few seconds to get an engine going, but house RV batteries are designed to provide a much smaller amount of amps but over a long period of time, hours instead of seconds. A RV battery designed for lower power and deep cycling will last longer and perform better than an engine starting battery. The best deep cycle batteries will last three to four times longer than a starting RV battery under the same conditions.

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