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Our idea is simple – learn, shoot, explore. The name comes from the fact that there are over a thousand islands in the lake. Qiandao Lake was created in when the valley at the base of the Wu Shi Five Lion mountain was flooded to create the Xin’anjiang Reservoir and Xin’an River hydroelectric station. Aerial view of Qiandao Lake. Photo by Chinese National Geography. This was a massive government project that forced , people to relocate their homes as more than 1, villages and tens of thousands of acres of farmland were flooded and submerged.

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It lacks the video capture feature and flexible LCD available on the more robust D , but still has dust control and the point autofocus. A “guide” mode makes changing camera settings easier for beginners. Movie enthusiasts will be happy to hear two things: Sporting all the features of the popular D60, the D throws in a few extras:

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The ISO speed of film or digital camera sensors is derived from standards adopted by the International Organization for Standardization, which is made up of representatives of several national standardization entities. Their goal is to create a universal method of standardization for a number of products and industries. Film speed or digital camera sensor sensitivity is one of the things for which this organization has developed international standards. In order for a camera manufacture to rate camera settings with each ISO number, it must meet the respective ISO standards for signal to noise and brightness measurements.

So, what does ISO mean to you and me?

Based on his very practical and sensible dating procedure there can’t be much doubt that he is a Canon user. As such, there can be no doubt he would handle the situation in a mature, intelligent manner had she said Nikon.

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The F3’s sophisticated TTL flash metering measures the exposure off the film plane during the moment of exposure. To take advantage of this, one needed a flash designed for the F3’s flash mount. All these flash units supported full TTL operation with the F3. Among the conventional units, the SB was small and light, and the SB A was powerful and versatile.

Oct 22,  · The Canon SL2 is made to be an entry-level camera, and the price reflects this with a starting price of around $ You shouldn’t expect professional-level quality photos to come from this camera, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t deliver in giving you some beautiful shots.

I have said, in the past, that you should move toward full frame sensors. I have always championed full frame sensors. At the end of the day, full frame sensors beat APS sized and smaller sensors. The whole reason I bought an original x was because it had the largest sensor I could find in a small camera. It had been a number of years since I had shot an APS crop frame sensor. I replaced that with a Nikon D3 full frame and then moved on to the Canon 5d2, also full frame. Full frame cameras are better.

I started shooting personal work with my little Fuji. Then I pulled it out on jobs from time to time because I loved that little camera. Then I used it more. Then I got the X-Pro1.

Chromo Inc. CI-560 II Speedlight Flash for Canon and Nikon. LCD Display. by Chromo Inc.

Cameras don’t like to be abused – so don’t buy a camera that’s been retired from a professional photography studio. Cameras also don’t like to not be used, so don’t buy a shrinkwrapped camera from and expect it to work keep it for its collectible value in the shrinkwrap. The best used camera is from a retired dentist who would use it once every few weeks to take a few snapshoots and otherwise babied it.

You may have to focus the lens to infinity or to the closest focus distance in order to reveal it. This is the manufacturing date code.

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Login to submit a review! Design To the untrained eye, the D ‘s body seems pretty mundane compared to its predecessor or any other DSLR for that matter but whip out its articulating screen and you’ll find that it swings out the left side of the camera. The grip also has been redesigned slightly and we have to say that despite this camera being on the small side, the new grip still makes it extremely comfortable to hold while shooting due to its shape and material.

You’ll also notice that then entire button layout has been shifted over to the right to accommodate that new flippy screen, allowing full access to the camera’s functions with one’s right hand. Still plaguing the D5xxx models is their plasticky-ness, but this flaw is neither surprising nor unwarranted for the price range — it’s just a constant reminder that you’re still in the amateur and novice section of digital SLRs. One glaring problem with the D is the location of both the live view toggle directly to the right of the mode dial and the movie record button, which finds itself placed near the shutter.

We’re big fans of the way Nikon did the D and the D ‘s Live View layout on the back of the camera, combining both the Live View dial with the record button into a conveniently placed, single sleek switch, but unfortunately we can’t say the same for the D It’s just so easy to toggle live view on the either the D or the D by just slightly moving our thumbs in natural opposable motions. The D however, requires the photographer to move their entire hand to toggle live view, not to mention that in order to hit record, you have to use your shutter finger — this is a disaster when trying to maintain framing or take photos while recording movies.

Display Like the model it’s replacing, the hallmark feature of the D is its articulating screen, and rightfully so. As the company’s second DSLR with a movable screen, Nikon has listened to the criticism from D users — mainly that it could not be used effectively when attached to a tripod due to its downward position; therefore, Nikon has followed its Canon rivals and placed the screen to the left — now users can mount the camera on a tripod and still have all of the range of the screen as intended.

Nikon has increased the screen size, replacing the 2. Colors are remarkably sharp, brightness is outstanding even in direct sunlight, and the high resolution truly makes it a joy to use in live view mode. The built-in accelerometer, which enables the contents on the display to rotate around as the camera moves laterally, is also carried over from the D , and we still find it very useful for situations that call for portrait orientations.

PowerShot G16

The Memar and Silette focus by estimation. The Super Silette has rangefinder focusing. This is the original and simplest model apparently produced from until the early s.

Collectible photographic materials, including world’s largest assortment of instruction manuals.

There are a few reasons why I wanted to upgrade my camera. For one, the kids are growing up so fast, I need a better camera to capture their years of thinking their dad is still cool. Secondly, as you might have noticed, I use photos as the background for some of my blog articles. This also requires a better camera, as the old faithful Pinky is showing her limit.

Also, despite how secure I think I am, the sight of me carrying a little pink camera around, especially when I mount her on a heavy duty tripod makes me very self conscious. I have to say the experience has been rather overwhelming. The more I read up on different brands and models, the more indecisive I got. Simply put, I felt like a socially challenged nerd being pushed into a speed dating meeting. My potential mates are these incredible bombshells each with slightly different characteristics.

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