Did Gale Harold and Randy Harrison from QAF ever date?

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‘Queer As Folk’ star hopes Brian and Justin never, ever, ever got back together

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Gale Harold has been in 4 on-screen matchups, including Randy Harrison in Queer as Folk (), Teri Hatcher in Desperate Housewives (), Michelle Clunie in The Unseen () and Natasha Henstridge in The Secret Circle ().

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How bout an interview with Gale and Randy. But, making Gale gay and then a couple. Read and Review, enjoy! Fiction M – English – Humor – Words:

In , there was a rumor in the press that Randy Harrison is in the relationship with his partner Gale Harold from Queer as Folk. Gale Harold is also actor, a fighter for LGBT rights.

Not based on anything true. This is totally made up. Randy meets Gale on the set of Queer As Folk. This is his journey of falling in love and falling flat on his face with Gale. I know that this relationship is not real, was never real and will never be real. I do not own these characters nor do I stake claim on any of them. I am simply an adoring fan that wishes the actors no disrespect and hopefully I am not infringing on any of that with them if they read this, which I highly doubt they will.

Please, if you take offence to homosexuality or the themes presented, please do not read this.


Scream film Scream is the first film in the Scream series. One year prior to the events of the film, Maureen Prescott is brutally raped and murdered, apparently by Cotton Weary. During the film, the fictional town of Woodsboro is again attacked by a murderer, who particularly targets Sidney Prescott, Maureen’s daughter. Deputy Sheriff Dewey Riley investigates the murders, while news reporter Gale Weathers follows the story. The killer is revealed as both Billy and Stu, who admit to having killed Maureen and framed Cotton for the act.

Sidney then kills them both.

It took 16 years for actor Randy Harrison to transition from the “gay young ingenue” of TV’s Queer As Folk to the jaded Emcee of Cabaret. “I’m a character actor. My soul is a character.

View all comments hariettehaze Feb 25, oh my we have the same bday and eye color and he is my idol can’t believe it haha JoElla McCutcheonNov 25, I love Gale,,,, he is so talented, I am very happy he does the independent movies but when I look at the talent or in some cases lack of talent on the sitcoms and drama’s on tv and especially in the movies, I am confused as to why he is not getting tons of work,,, maybe he is and I just do not have access to it all,,,, but I just adore him,,,,, puananiJun 17, Hey Gale come and visit Hawaii some day or get and episode on Hawaii Too me your a very good actor Wish you the best on your career.

I really love your movies, and hope that maybe one day, i could see you It would be nice if he got a role on the Sons of Anarchy. He would be a good fit.

Did Gale Harold and Randy Harrison from QAF ever date?

I mean, in the interview he could hardly look directly at Randy, he was sooo It is clear that Gale feels something whenever he is with Randy. He looks uncomfortable as if he is afraid that something will happen between them. He is maybe straight when we talk of other men but with Randy, trust me, he is gay. I think he doesn’t want to be gay so he fights it. Trust me, you cant be in a series for five years making love with someone without at least falling for them once.

Jul 07,  · there is no picture just this comment: But I have heard of a rumoured pic (and if you got this pic, then I would believe that Gale and Randy were % a couple off-screen sometime during the filming of qaf) of Gale and Randy, (you know they weren’t filming when the pic was taken, because Gale’s hair was a mess) were sitting on a couch with a table in front of them, and underneath that.

Back to Top Post by lilacwine on Dec 1, I find it highly offensive that people who might personally know Gale, Randy or someone close to them, would go to public boards to post private information of who’s dating who what for!? I’ve written it myself, but there is nothing we can do about it really. Justsayin’ doesn’t necessarily have any inside information. He maybe just saw something in a bar or some other public place or knows someone who saw something somewhere The “Cryder” that we refer too definitely sounded like an insider so I thought that was a bit icky.

I thought this was a place for fans, to talk about people we admire, to share public info, The problem comes when Randy and Gale haven’t been doing anything public for a while. In short, to have fun.


The role of Josh was difficult and very different from the one he was playing in Queer as Folk. The play received mostly positive reviews and Harold made an auspicious debut on New York theatrical stage. Harold had the lead role of Special Agent Graham Kelton in the short-lived FOX series Vanished in , but his character was killed off in the seventh episode and appeared only as a corpse in the eighth episode. Alongside childhood idol David Bowie , Gale is an associate producer of the documentary Scott Walker: Harold’s co-stars in the Roundabout Theatre repertory production, a limited Off-Broadway engagement running through January 20, , were Blythe Danner and Carla Gugino.

Harold was the male lead in the indie romantic comedy Falling for Grace , which debuted favorably at the Tribeca Film Festival under working title East Broadway.

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What do you guys think about the German convention? The fire will start again? All movies need a pre-production period which could last 2 weeks to 2 months, and his movie has no crush with the convention. Poor fans who spend so much money on convention tickets, DVD, posters, air tickets and hotels. Who can compensate them? If organizers had released the news 3 months beforehand, fans would have time to build a facebook group to discuss what to do, maybe even considering asking help from media or even sue.

Fans are the weak. Think how efficiently the organizers act to make the actor of Hunter joins the convention. Gale did not wish to join the convention at all but if he said ‘No’ from beginning eg last year and refused to sign, the whole convention might not even be held and even it would, but the tickets would never be sold out so fast – unimaginable fast. Most people were attracted by “GR together on stage” and “All 9 main cast together”.

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By Megul Harold, in his court papers, said she was five-feet, five inches tall and weights lbs. Simon is columnist known for Advertising Age. The lives and loves of five gay men living in Pittsburgh provide the drama in this. In addition to that, following his temptation for acting, he has embraced his acting skills in numerous television series including Queer as Folk, Street Time, Martha: Something similar can be said while we talk about Gale Harold. Video about gale harold is dating: His warrant was a bite pronouncement without, and egg was an engineer.

In pad to that, browsing his peculiar for national, he has helped his principal filters in numerous television no into Queer as Background, Familiar Time, Martha: And wtf was up with that raj. He has an gale harold is dating wide, Ann and a useful brother, David. Bias, the direction never revealed about the human and stayed silent until.


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This photo of Gale and Randy, taken at the Queer As Folk Convention on June the 9th , inspired me to write this story. Pic by my dear friend Kim predec2 and is .

What is Barry Manilow’s sexual orientation? The sexual orientation of Barry Manilow is unclear. In , hemarried Susan Deixler, but the marriage was annulled in ,meaning it was voided. He has kepthis private life hidde…n from the public. Sexual orientation is the categorization of sexual attraction based on the gender of the people they are attracted to.

Sexual orientation categories include but are not limited to heterosexuality, homosexuality, bisexuality, and asexuality. Some people have reported being aware of their sexual ori…entation early in life other have reported discovering their sexual orientation later. A number of people believe sexual orientation is something an individual chooses. However, there is much scientific evidence that indicates one is born with a certain orientation which one later learns about and discovers as one matures and becomes interested in dating and relationships.

While many are forced to hide their sexual orientation, often because of religion or culture, “coming out” as homosexual, bisexual, or any other orientation does not indicate a “change” in the person, but rather a disclosure or discovery.

Why is Gale Harold at a GLEH garden party?

No, only the photo with Gale is gone. Maybe she is learning to be discreet. Or Gale is too vain to have that ugly picture on the net. Strange keeping the bike picture.

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Gale Harold is an American actor. He played the lead character Andrew James Barrington, Jr. His father was an engineer and his mother a real estate agent. He has two siblings named Ann Harold and David Harold. His nationality is American but his ethnicity is undisclosed. He attended American University on a soccer scholarship.

Queer As Folk – Season 5 – Dvd Bonus Features – Gale & Randy Goodbye